Just like mom used to make. Reser’s Foodservice Salads are made from scratch using our family recipes. Just another way to bring the comfort of home to your menu.


Reser’s Ranch Potato Salad with Hidden Valley® Seasoning

A true crowd pleaser, Reser’s Ranch Potato Salad is a combination of Reser’s famous potato salad combined with Hidden Valley® Original Ranch® Seasoning Mix.

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Reser’s Elbow Macaroni Salad

Long elbow macaroni in our rich, creamy dressing makes summer fun and winter comforting.

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Reser’s Regular Potato Salad

Our original best seller. Tender-cooked diced potatoes, sweet pickles, crunchy fresh celery and onions are blended with a rich mayonnaise dressing. Reser's regular potato salad is perfect blend of sweet and tart.

potato_salad_w_egg_0269 208x208

Reser’s Diced Potato Salad With Egg

An old-fashioned salad with tender diced potatoes, sweet pickles, crisp fresh celery, chopped onions, hard cooked eggs and a rich, creamy mayonnaise dressing.

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