BBQ Chicken Slaw Lettuce Cups

Yield: 40 each appetizers, 3 cups each.


  • Creamy Tarragon Slaw
  • BBQ Chicken Slaw Lettuce Cups
    • 120 medium Butter lettuce leaves, separated and washed
    • 7.5 lb Rotisserie chicken, shredded and refrigerated
    • 20 cups Creamy Tarragon Slaw
    • 5 cups BBQ sauce
    • 5 cups Crispy shallots or onions
    • 10 cups English cucumbers, diced small
    • 3.5 Tbsp Kosher salt


  1. For Creamy Tarragon Slaw, add the entire carton of Reser’s Chopped Cole Slaw into a large metal bowl, mix in the other ingredients until combined, and refrigerate until ready to use.
  2. Season diced cucumbers with salt. Let sit 10 minutes and drain out excess liquid.
  3. To assemble BBQ Lettuce Cups, fill each leaf with 1 oz shredded chicken, 2 Tbsp coleslaw, drizzle with 2 tsp BBQ sauce and top with2 tsp crispy shallots or onions, and garnish with 1 Tbsp diced cucumbers.