Casual Dining

The American Way of Dining

The Casual Dining segment offers something for everyone at a time when everyone wants something made just for them. At Reser’s Foodservice, we help Casual Dining operators serve this diverse segment with products perfect for any daypart that keep your menu fresh while saving you time and money in the kitchen.


Sides are the Star

A growing trend shows innovative operations featuring high-quality meats in smaller portions alongside delicious sides that are flavorful enough to share the center of the plate.1

Food that Feels Good

Research firm Mintel sees added momentum for the comfort food trend in the uncertain nature of today’s world. As consumers seek feelings of reassurance, they’re more open to emotionally targeted and nostalgic comfort foods.2

Winning the New Frontier

Technology is changing the foodservice landscape, and more than ever before diners have an array of options to enjoy your food off-premise. The NRA’s recent “Harnessing Technology to Drive Off-Premises Sales” survey suggests that off-premise orders now comprise a full 60% of all foodservice occasions, meaning that to survive and thrive operators need to make serving off-premise diners a major strategic priority.3

Global Keeps Spinning

For several years, consumers have been increasingly interested in seeking out new flavors and dishes drawn from cuisines around the world. Datassential statistics released by U.S. Foods indicate that more than half of all consumers have gone out of their way to try a novel global food, demonstrating how this trend can be a powerful influence on dining decisions. Incorporating exotic spices and spice blends into familiar dishes like sides and salads are just one way you can offer your customers a global adventure that will keep them seated firmly at your table.4

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