Catering operations need consistent, easy-to-prep and serve products that meet the ever-changing flavor trend landscape. With outstanding hold times and a variety of different flavors, Reser’s Foodservice creates products that are simple to customize to meet your customer’s specific needs and consistently deliver great from-scratch flavor without the labor.

Hot Trends

Take A Tour

Menus that have cultural influences continue to be popular for catering. When the event is in a specific destination, incorporate the local flavors or ingredients into your dishes to give your diners a tour through that location’s culinary offerings.1

Downsize Your Dinner

From dessert to appetizers to mains, bite-sized options remain a mainstay of the catering menu. With the continued focus on healthy options, this allows diners to indulge without the guilt.2

Capitalize on Comfort

According to Mintel, the popularity of comfort foods continues to rise. Incorporate twists on classic dishes to your catering options to capitalize on this nostalgia trend.3

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Featured Product Categories

Mac & Cheese

We use the very best, real ingredients in our made-to-order preparations and meet or exceed every industry requirement for food safety so you can serve with the utmost confidence. Whether you use as a stand-alone side or as an ingredient in your own unique creation, you’ll gain the benefits of 100% yield, product consistency, and reduced labor costs.

Mashed Potatoes

We offer a variety of flavors, made-from-scratch using real ingredients, never frozen or dehydrated – to deliver the ultimate mashed potato flavor, texture, and appearance. Our mashed potatoes save you time, money, and labor while offering 100% yield and outstanding hold times.

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Featured Recipes

Fast can also be fun with new and innovative menu ideas that make full use of our convenient products. Explore the recipes below and see how Reser’s Foodservice can bring excitement and on-trend flavors to your menu.