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Student diners are always on the move, from class to class and, in the dining hall, from trend to trend. Keeping up with them requires your operation to be nimble and efficient, and Reser’s Foodservice has the products to help. Whether you’re creating dishes that play to the latest trend, stocking your menu with clean label items your students demand or rounding out your on and off-campus catering program, our products are a prerequisite for any College & University operation.


The Spice of Life

College students crave variety according to a survey of college diners. 36% responded that they’d like to see a greater variety of food options in their campus dining halls. Customizable prepared foods are a simple way to expand the range of your on-campus offerings.1

Keeping it Clean

College & University students are part of the sea change taking place in the foodservice industry, demanding more options with “clean labels” that have fewer and more recognizable ingredients.2

Make Mine My Own

College students define themselves in a number of ways, including how they eat. Almost a third of survey respondents are looking for more customizable food options, so they can enjoy the flavors they love and make a statement about who they are.3

Catering to the Masses

According to research firm Datassential, catering is an excellent way for C&U operators to boost their profits by getting maximum use from their staff and facilities during the downtime between dayparts and during the summer slowdown.4

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Featured Products

From the perfect addition to your on-trend offerings or the ideal starting point for new customizable options, Reser’s Foodservice has the products to keep you on the cutting edge and your diners happy. Learn more about some of our favorites and how they’ll support your operation morning, noon, and night.

Featured Recipes

Staying one step ahead of student tastes is key to ensure high levels of student satisfaction. Explore these great recipes and get inspired to create new and exciting dishes your diners will love.