Feeding the Future

Delivering delicious yet nutritious foods to America’s students is one of the most important functions of today’s foodservice industry. At Reser’s Foodservice, we are proud to offer a wide variety of products that can help operators achieve this vital goal while also helping to increase their efficiency and profitability. From breakfast to lunch and snacks in between, we partner with industry leaders to support their mission of helping our kids be their best.


Snacking Smart

48% of recently surveyed K-12 Foodservice Directors described meeting Smart Snack regulations as “extremely or very challenging,” but with the new rule’s focus on the health value of fresh fruit, precut ready-to-serve fruit and fruit salad are an excellent solution.1

Breakfast Losing Its Shine

When surveyed nearly 90% or all K-12 Foodservice Directors indicated that their overall breakfast costs have increased, making the daypart a potential drain on operations. Prepared ingredients can help reduce both food and labor costs, returning a sunny glow to breakfast.2

Low A-Peel

In a recent survey of K-12 Foodservice directors, 86% of participants indicated that the new fruit requirements for breakfast have increased food costs, impacting profit margins. Pre-cut fruit, due to its 100% yield, is an excellent way to effectively deliver great breakfast favorites that meet new regulations while eliminating profit-draining waste.3

Featured Products

We understand the fine line between creating food kids will enjoy and delivering vital nutrition, so we provide great-tasting fresh products that do both. Explore these great products that can add excitement to your breakfast or lunch offerings while also improving margins.

Featured Recipes

Sometimes all you need is a little creative magic to turn the ordinary into the extraordinary and get your students smiling. Explore some of our favorite recipes and see how easy it can be to bring extra excitement to your operation.