Flexible for the Future

Diner preferences change fast. Consumers are always adjusting their healthy eating goals while at the same time seeking out the latest on-trend flavors. To keep diners happy takes enough flexibility to maintain an ever-evolving on-trend menu while also making sure your operation runs smoothly, Reser’s Foodservice is here to help with a full line of fresh refrigerated and ready-to-serve salads, side dishes, cut fruit, tortillas, and other ingredients so you can stay nimble and ahead of your diners’ demands.


Cleaning Up the Menu

Younger diners are driving an industry-wide trend towards embracing products with “clean labels,” meaning products with more recognizable, yet fewer ingredients. The good news is that food manufacturers are responding with an expanding array of products sporting clean label that maintain the flavors diners love.1

Global Flavors, Served Locally

International flavors and ingredients are becoming a part of more menus across the country. Integrating a few global flavors by customizing prepared foods is an easy way to make your diners feel like they’re enjoying the latest trends.2

Customization is King

More than ever diners have a sense of themselves as individuals when it comes to eating, and this leads them to seek out meals and snacks that reflect their individual dietary preferences and health needs. Maintaining a broad and easily customizable selection of dishes can help them express themselves through food and enjoy their meals even more.3

Featured Products

Perfect on their own or the ideal starting point for customizable options, Reser’s Foodservice products keep you and your diners happy. Learn more about some of our favorites and how they’ll support your operation morning, noon, and night.

Featured Recipes

Expanding horizons and bringing new flavors into your operation doesn’t have to be a challenge. Explore these great recipes and get inspired to create new and exciting dishes your diners will love.