Fun Facts


Reser’s Foodservice Brings the Fresh Fun.

Because all work and no play makes for lumpy mashed potatoes, Reser’s Foodservice has assembled a few fun facts to brighten your Spring day.

It’s Spring! The cherry and lilac trees are blooming as are the daffodils and tulips. It’s time to think about putting away the rain coats and pulling out the flip flops. And, boy are we ready! Now, on to some Spring fun facts.

Did you know……

Children actually grow faster in the Spring than during other times of the year? So, when they are hungry (again), be sure and have Reser’s Macaroni & Cheese on the menu.

According to the National Association of Realtors, Spring is the most popular season to sell/buy a house. Buyers are usually hesitant to move during the winter when the weather is colder and kids are in school. So, while there are lots of houses to choose from in the Spring, property prices are their highest then. And, because moving is stressful, families will be looking for a quick meal to get them through the evening. Be sure and stock up on Reser’s salads and sides to get families fed and back to their packing/unpacking quickly.

The myth that it is possible to balance an egg on its end on the Spring equinox is just that – a myth. Trying to balance an oval-shaped object on its end is no easier on the Spring equinox than on any other day. Speaking of eggs, Reser’s has an excellent Deviled Egg Potato Salad as well as delicious Egg Salads that will round out a healthy lunch.

Honeybees are more likely to swarm during the Spring. They swarm as a way to start new colonies from successful ones. Surprisingly, swarming honey bees are very docile and the most friendly they will be all year.

Be sure and take a look at the rest of the Reser’s Foodservice site. You will find recipe ideas and maybe a salad or two that will be perfect for that Spring lunch or dinner side dish.

Have a beautiful Spring!