Fruit Salad

Reser's Foodservice Fruit Salad
Reser's Foodservice Fruit Salad

Fruit Salad

Our “hand-cut” fruit is only part of the Reser’s difference. Our fruits also look brighter and taste fresh because we cut and pack at optimum ripeness in clear, foodsafe PET containers that ensure a high level of safety and quality.

Reser’s Foodservice Fruit Salad is a medley of bright, fresh-flavored fruits precisely and individually cut.  Orange segments, cantaloupe, honeydew, grapes and melons combine as a side for breakfast, dessert and more.

Item Numbers:

  • Fruit Salad 79453.72846
  • Fruit Salad sweetened with grape juice 79453.75646
  • Fruit Salad Bite Size 79453.10013
  • Fruit Salad Kit 79453.72601 (Pack Size 3/5 lb + 1/1 lb)


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Pack Size
2/8 lb
Shelf Life
17 days