Honeydew Chunks

Reser's Foodservice Honeydew Chunks
Reser's Foodservice Honeydew Chunks

Honeydew Chunks

Our “hand-cut” fruit is only part of the Reser’s difference. Our fruits also look brighter and taste fresh because we cut and pack at optimum ripeness in clear, foodsafe PET containers that ensure a high level of safety and quality.

We source the best and most advanced hybrids available because the sweetness is more stable than typical honeydew chunks and the fruit provides greater yield. It also has excellent keeping qualities and holds form under handling. We emphasize flavor over appearance, so while our edges may not be razor sharp like a machine cut, the consistently sweet taste of our honeydew more than makes up for it.

Item Number:

  • 79453.77410 Honeydew Chunks
  • 79453.77415 Honeydew Chunks – Bite Size


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Pack Size
2/8 lb.
Shelf Life
17 days