Mango Slices, Chunks and Diced

Mango Slices, Chunks and Diced

Our “hand-cut” fruit is only part of the Reser’s difference. Our fruits also look brighter and taste fresh because we cut and pack at optimum ripeness in clear, foodsafe PET containers that ensure a high level of safety and quality.

The Kent variety of mango features a large size with an oval shape, plump cheeks, greenish-yellow color, and red shoulder. Typically found in Latin America, this variety of mango is very rich and sweet with fiber-free flesh. Our mango is properly ripened, which translates to delicious flesh, deep color year round, and exceptionally smooth mouth feel — none of that bitter, “hairy” taste that comes from mango when not properly ripened.

Item Number:

  • 79453.68628 Mango Slices
  • 79453.73928 Mango Chunks
  • 79453.17029 Diced Mango (Pack Size 3/5 lb)


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Pack Size
2/8 lb.
Shelf Life
24 days