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Reser's Foodservice® has a wide selection of fresh-refrigerated products that are sure to satisfy your customers and exceed expectations. We make it from scratch so you don't have to.

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Prepared Salads

Our wide variety of fresh-refrigerated salads can add an array of new flavors to your menu with 100% yield to save you labor and costs. We use the very best, real ingredients in our made-to-order preparations and meet or exceed every industry requirement for food safety so you can serve up a great dish with the utmost confidence. Reser’s Foodservice Prepared Salads are plate ready, or a great starting point for your own custom dishes.

Potato Salad

Reser’s Foodservice Potato Salads offer fresh, homemade taste and appearance in classic and regional flavors made with real ingredients. From classics like Regular and Homestyle to regional specialties like Amish and Mustard, Reser’s has the right potato salad for your menu.

Cole Slaw

Our Cole Slaws are the easiest and most cost-effective way to serve up great, from-scratch flavor that your customers crave! We’ve got a wide selection of regional favorites like Chopped Dixie with a creamy Southern dressing or Homestyle with a sweet dressing and a touch of spice, as well as classics like Shredded and Oil & Vinegar to help you find the best option for your diners.

Macaroni & Pasta Salad

We make our Macaroni & Pasta Salads from scratch, including the dressings, using the very best ingredients and ensure you serve up the freshest tasting salads. Featuring classics like Elbow Macaroni and Italian Pasta to newer favorites like California Pasta and Gourmet Macaroni, any of our wide-array of macaroni and pasta salads are sure to delight your customers.

Protein Salads

Featuring classic favorites like Chicken Salad, Egg Salad and Tuna Salad in a variety of recipes, our center-of-the-plate ready fresh refrigerated salads are the easiest way to save time and labor.

Variety Salads, Salad & Meal Kits

Reser’s Foodservice Variety Salads, Salad & Meal Kits combine consistency and versatility to lower your costs and let your creativity soar. With flavor and appearance that rivals from-scratch preparations, our fresh-refrigerated kits add exciting and on-trend ingredients to your menu whether you serve them as suggested or use them as the foundation for your next signature dish.

Side Dishes

Reser’s Foodservice Side Dishes are made from wholesome ingredients and prepared fresh, never frozen. Using time-tested from-scratch recipes, we hand-craft every side dish to deliver the freshest, best-tasting sides your customers will love with 100% yield.

Mashed Potatoes

Our Mashed Potatoes are made from scratch using the freshest, best-tasting potatoes – never frozen or dehydrated – to deliver the ultimate mashed potato flavor, texture, and appearance. We have all the mashed potato varieties you need to best serve your customers, including Creamy Deluxe, All Natural, White Cheddar, Red Skin and more.

Cut Potatoes

Featuring Diced, Shredded and Sliced, our Cut Potatoes are perfectly prepped for your operation’s needs. Made from premium potatoes, they arrive fresh, never frozen, so your customers can enjoy the best potato flavor and texture in all your dishes.

Mac & Cheese

Reser’s Foodservice Macaroni & Cheese offers the homemade flavor of this beloved side dish without the labor. We offer a wide array of options, such as Original for a classic side and as a canvas for stir-ins; Deluxe for more an upscale option; Steam Table Macaroni & Cheese that is both forgiving over long hold-periods and delicious; and Hatch Green Chile to add some heat. So no matter your customer’s preference, we have the perfect solution for your menu.

Baked Beans

Our Baked Beans allow you to simply serve this classic side or customize them for your own menu creations. We’ve got varieties like American Harvest BBQ Beans with four kinds of beans and brown sugar and spice dressing, or Smokehouse BBQ Beans with tender smoked beef, BBQ sauce, and bacon to suit the preferences of your patrons.

Purely Hand-Cut Fruit

Selected, hand-cut, and packaged at the peak of freshness, our 100% yield fruit delivers incredible value for your operation. We partner with select growers to bring you only the best fruit that consistently tastes great all year round. Our fruit is cut as Slices, Dices, Halves, Spears, and are offered as both 100% varietals and mixed Salads to give your staff the perfect starting place for your menu creations.

Tortillas & Wraps

Made with premium ingredients and a commitment to quality that’s been passed down through generations, great tasting products from our Don Pancho brand make it simple to serve up Mexican flavors with our authentic tortillas, wraps and pre-cut chips. We carry Corn, Flour, and Golden Blend Tortillas as well as on-trend Flavored Wraps and our Kids First! Tortillas designed specifically for K-12 menus.


It’s a time-honored tradition to end a meal with something sweet, and Reser’s Foodservice offers a mouth-watering array of tempting treats. Light or rich, exotic or traditional, every dessert is made from the finest ingredients with 100% yield to save you time and labor with made-from-scratch flavor. From our classic Vanilla Pudding to our colorful Strawberry Parfait, we help you take the end of a meal from good to great.

Other Products

For over 60 years, Reser’s Foodservice has been crafting delicious, top-quality refrigerated foods such as dips, gravies and more that provide great taste and value. Our products are created from scratch and are delivered refrigerated – not frozen – to provide your customers with the most satisfying flavor on the plate.

Dressing, Gravies, Sauces & Spices

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