Reser’s Foodservice offers a wide variety of great tasting salads, sides, tortillas & wraps and fruit that make it easy to add new flavors to your menu while saving you labor and costs. Our commitment to consistency, convenience, and creativity lets you operate with confidence and take charge of your menu!


Here are some of the latest trend predictions from America’s BBQ guru, Steven Raichlen1:

Fires at Dawn

Breakfast is the next great frontier for BBQ flavors, as bold flavors give a boost to the start of the day.

Keep It Spicy

Unique spice blends like dukkah out of Egypt or sharena sol from Bulgaria will be next great wave of BBQ flavor.

The Source

More than ever people care about where their food comes from almost as much as how it’s made.

Flavor Preferences2

Consumer Flavor Preferences
% of consumers that prefer the flavor:

“Hickory”- 60%
“Sweet/Honey”- 56%
“Smoky”- 56%

Top Regional Flavors

Texas: Spicy with a touch of sweetness
Southern: Bright, tangy, spicy, and slightly sweet
St. Louis: Very sweet and slightly acidic
Carolina: Vinegary, spicy

1) “Raichlen Predicts: BBQ Trends”, 2) Technomic Center of the Plate Report

Key Product Categories

Prepared Salads

Nothing quite pairs with regional BBQ like a great prepared salad. With classic combinations like Carolina-style pulled-pork and Reser’s Chopped Cole Slaw (71117.15125) or smoky Kansas City BBQ and Reser’s Homestyle Potato Salad (71117.00211), our distinctive and diverse salads deliver the from-scratch flavor of home.

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Side Dishes

Comfort foods have never been hotter on menus across the country, and adding our comfort classics like baked beans, macaroni and cheese, and mashed potatoes to your BBQ dishes will put your customers on the fast lane to their happy place!

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Purely Hand-Cut Fruit

Hot and spicy BBQ has met its match with our Purely Hand-Cut Fruit™. From classics like Fruit Salad to more exotic options like Mango, we have a wide variety of fruits picked at their peak and hand-cut for the very best quality. According to Technomic, over the past four years, appearances of Fruit Deli Salads on BBQ menus have increased by 19%.

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Tortillas & Wraps

Looking to get innovative with your BBQ? Try rolling it up in a tortilla or flavored wrap for a tasty and portable meal your customers are sure to love. Or meet the growing trend for Tacos as appetizers on BBQ menus (4-year growth of almost 67%)! From BBQ breakfast wraps to quesadillas and tacos, our tortillas & wraps can help get hot BBQ flavors onto your menu for any daypart. 

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